Boards of Canada – A Few Old Tunes Vol.1

A Few Old Tunes Vol. 1

Label: Music70
Format: Cassette
Country: UK
Released: ?
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo

Ok, I’m jealous of sharing this with you. This is a ultra rare release that I can’t even remember where I got it. It’s the real cassete rip of a unreleased album. Still, it’s one of my favorite albums ever. It has public-exclusive tracks like Spectrum and P.C.. The album ambient is dark, low ending music with lots of dark textures and black-and-white feeling, low-frequency background and a nice Boards of Canada feeling.
It also includes some remixes like Trapped, originally by Colonel Abrams in mid 80s.
In any way, a incredible and rare piece of sound. I can recommend the tracks:

  • I Love U
  • Original Nlogax
  • 5-9-78

For 5-9-78, I ask you: please listen to this track cerefully. I dare you’ll be the same person again.

Hope you enjoy it.

A Few Old Tunes seems to be sourced from a cassette tape containing a (presumably) hand-selected set of pre-BoC Maxima (you find try it here) tracks. The leaking of these tracks to p2p networks (Soulseek, originally) provided much drama on WATMM.

Commonly referred to as A Few Old Tunes, due to its label; however, according the Twoism forum user dealer, who posted new photos of the cassette and liner notes, it is also the true Old Tunes Vol. 1 (and not the tape previously assumed to be OTV1). But, on the other hand, the WATMM forum user phaelam posted new scans from a different angle which depict A Few Old Tunes as the cover and the cassette label.

Download soon.

By Waldir Bertazzi Junior

Music addicted since I can remember.
Love exquisite, experimental music.

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