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Humanidade e o Universo

O que somos nós perante o universo?

Somos seres tão pequenininhos.

Mas olha só que conseguimos fazer. Internet, audio, fones, computadores, satélites. Toda a tecnologia junta para gravar, colar, recortar, sincronizar a voz de 17,572 seres humanos cantores espalhados todos nessa grande pedra que chamamos de casa.

Somos tão insignificantes. Mas fazemos coisas tão bonitas.

How memory works

“How do you remember better? Repeated exposure to information in specifically timed intervals provides the most powerful way to fix memory into the brain. (…) Deliberately re-expose yourself to the information more elaborately, and in fixed, spaced intervals, if you want the retrieval to be the most vivid it can be. Learning occurs best when new information is incorporated gradually into the memory store rather than when it is jammed in all at once.”

John Medina, Brain Rules